Sunday, July 5th Lesson

Kind Greetings Sunday School Friends!


I hope you are all enjoying a safe Independence Day weekend! Lord, thank you for our home in the USA where we can still worship you freely…help us not take this freedom for granted.  In Jesus name, Amen.

As always, if you do not have time now to go through this week’s lesson with your kiddos, please pull out your phone and set an appointment for later this week to come back to this email, 30-45 minutes should be plenty of time.

Regardless of our whereabouts, at church or at home…don’t lose sight of our ultimate goal: To help our children fall deeply in love with Jesus!


Parents & Guardians – When you are ready, please prepare yourselves as your child’s at-home Sunday School teacher by taking a moment to read the first page of the attached KidzatHome Resource Guide: Purposeful Life Practices.

Next, as the guide suggests, start the conversation with your child: “Come and sit with me a minute. Let’s ask God to tell us something which will help us love him completely, with every part of ourselves, every part of our lives …”

Print the attached Routine Template and grab something to write with. Make a list with your child of your daily and/or weekly routines and habits in the left column. For example: wake up, brush teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast, watch favorite cartoons, take the dog for a walk, snack time, etc, etc, then finally bedtime. Be as detailed as you would like!

Are weekends different from weekdays? Is each day a little different? Do you feel like your family has a pretty solid routine? A routine is important, especially for children. It gives structure to our days in even the most uncertain of times.

Some of these routines and habits may seem a little dull or ordinary…what if we take the list you just made and invite Jesus into our routine? THAT would be BETTER than ordinary, it would be EXTRAORDINARY! Take some time with your child to brainstorm ways that you can include Jesus in your routines and habits, write your ideas in the 2nd column…here are a couple ideas to get you started:

Waking up = Ordinary

Waking up and taking a moment to thank the Lord for protecting you through the night = Extraordinary! (extraordinary because you have just intentionally invited Jesus to be a part of your morning!)

Brushing your teeth = Ordinary

Brushing your teeth while humming your favorite song about Jesus = Extraordinary!

Bedtime = Ordinary

Reading a psalm or proverb and saying a bedtime prayer before tucking your child in = Extraordinary!

Driving to daycare = Ordinary

Driving to daycare singing along to Christian music playing on the radio = Extraordinary!

You get the idea, right?

Now comes the important part…put these ideas into PRACTICE! Don’t just do it one day! Do it every day, do it every time you repeat your habit. Here is a great memory verse for this week that will help us remember to practice our good habits: Romans 12:2 - Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Read Romans 12:2 to or with your child from multiple versions ( is a great resource to easily look up scripture references in different translations). Make sure they aren’t just memorizing the verse, help them to truly understand what it means.

Keep your list handy – add to it as the week goes on. Ask your child to help you make your habits extraordinary too! They will surely have some great ideas.

You can go back to page 2 of the KidzatHome Resource guide now for additional age-appropriate engagement activities.

That’s it! Have fun transforming your ordinary everyday routine into PURPOSEFUL LIFE HABITS!

***Please send us photos of your lists and action photos of your new habits! You can send them to this email, through Facebook messenger, or you can post them right on the We Are Valley Facebook page!

Printable Attachments:

This email lesson in PDF format

KidzatHome Resource Guide

Routine Template

Coloring Sheet Romans 12:2

Love in Christ,


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