Hello Valley Family!

The Future of Valley Christian Sunday School is very much the Future of Valley Christian Church. Our children ARE the future of our church which is why we Sunday School teachers met this week to discuss planning for the remainder of the year. Attendance has been very low, so we have been prayerfully considering many options to rejuvenate Valley's children's ministry.


We know that one hour of Sunday School once per week only contributes marginally to the spiritual growth of our children. It is at HOME where the real falling in love with Jesus must happen. So as parents, guardians, and role models, we must live a life that witnesses our own personal relationship with Christ to our kiddos. In simple terms, the spiritual welfare of our children falls squarely on the family.


The Church is an extension of the family and we recognize we play an important role in providing tools for you and your children to aid in their spiritual growth. Here is how we plan to do that for the coming months:



  1. Each Sunday- one of your teachers will be prepared to lead class in-person. When you are ready, we’ll be waiting for you!

  2. Weekly- a teacher will reach out with a word of encouragement and as a reminder that we are here, we love you, we are praying for you, and we will not give up hope that we will see you all in-person again soon

  3. Monthly- we will send an email that will include ideas for at-home learning. The materials will be designed to be flexible so that you can use them over the course of the whole month



We welcome and very much appreciate hearing from you!


With love from your Sunday School teachers:


Way, Gean, Brenda, Debbie, and Amity